What is Principle #6?

What’s in a name?

As a science, Chiropractic is founded on a series of human laws and principles that pave the way for a deductive philosophy that is applied to natural health and healing from above-down, inside-out.

Principle #6 (of 33) reads, “There is no process that does not require time”.

Interpret this however you’d like to, but for what it’s worth, here is the rabbit hole that I went down in my own head the first time I read principle #6; change, growth, health, healing, developing yourself, developing a skill, a relationship, a connection, a career, a business… Anything and everything takes time. If we honor this principle, we can apply it to any process in our life.

If we figure out our reason “why” we’re doing something in the first place, life becomes easier; we can keep a better perspective when things work against us because we understand that x, y, or z result isn’t immediate, and the payoff is greater and longer lasting. We handle the ups and downs on the micro scale because we have a macro vision. Our 50, 70, 90, 100+ year old selves become our accountability partners, not a life coach, a spouse, a mentor, a doctor, or a bro in a tank top at the gym. We handle ups and downs, look in the mirror, and then share our gift with the world (whatever that may be).

So what’s in a name? Whatever you make of it.

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