3-Way Hip Circles – Foot/Hip/Glute Strength

Movement: 3-Way Hip Circles

Range of Motion: One leg on ground, one leg lifted up making circles either clockwise or counter-clockwise in the front, side, and back ranges of motion

Equipment: Firm and flat ground, barefoot

Rep/Time Methodic: 50-150 reps in both directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise) for each leg in the front, side, and back ranges of motion (so, 50 each way would be 50 CW & 50 CCW to the front with left leg, switch legs, 50 each way with right leg, then repeat to each side and behind… Will total up to 200 each direction, 600 total)

Coaching Cues: Both legs: Keep straight from ankle to knee to hip; For ground foot: Keep whole foot on ground, but weight mostly on toes/ball of foot; For lifted leg: Pull toes up towards knee to help keep leg straight, making tight circles

“Fails”: Lifted foot falling to ground; Losing balance; Knees bending; Hips translating or rotating to either side; Body swaying back

Warnings: Never go to joint pain!

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Foot/lower leg/hip strength-endurance; Balance; Hip mobility

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 50 circles in each direction during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation B

Progressions: Can progress with 3-Way Hip Circles on alternating days; Can progress safely to more complex movements, Olympic style lifts requiring near perfect stabilization of hip/knee

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