A-Skips – Sprint Movement Prep

Movement: A-Skips

Range of Motion: Opposite hand and knee raising in a cross-crawl pattern to skip off the ground while other leg remains straight through hip/ankle/knee

Equipment: Ground, barefoot if the setting is conducive

Rep/Time Methodic: 20-30 Yards of Skips during Movement Prep

Coaching Cues: Coordinate arms/legs in a cross-crawl pattern (raise the opposite knee/leg and arm/elbow/hand at the same time, a la crawling/walking/running); Minimize ground contact time (think fast!); Pull toes up towards knee (dorsiflex); Keep heel from touching the ground; Up and down motion with raised foot (like a piston, not a circular motion);

Warnings: Never go to joint pain!

Benefits: Cross-crawl patterning; Sprint take-off running mechanics; Force production

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 20-30 yards of 6 sets during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation A

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