Cross-Crawl Supermans – Dr. Tommy John’s Daily Spinal Hygiene Program

Movement: Cross-Crawl Supermans

Range of Motion: Laying flat on stomach, with arms and legs pulled as long as possible; Opposite arm and leg raise off ground at same time

Equipment: Flat and firm ground, barefoot, towel or rolled-up shirt to rest face/chin

Rep/Time Methodic: Up to 5 minutes/250+ repetitions per side, progressing up to this from smaller sets

Coaching Cues: Lift opposite arm and leg together (cross-crawl pattern); Keep arms and legs as long as possible; Flex toes up towards shin and land gently on toes when lowering leg (shoes on can cause irritation in the front part of the shin/anterior tib. muscle); Lift back of straight knee up (prevents lifting only foot); Normal breathing through nose; Move at walking pace; Keep back/lumbar spine neutral – don’t hyperextend!

Warnings: Never go to joint pain! If pregnant or you have other contraindications to laying prone/on your stomach, avoid this movement.

Substitutions: Arms can be at side with back of hand on floor (if there is a history of shoulder injury)

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Counters effects of sitting; Balances both sides of body through cross-crawl patterning; Great for athletes participating in one-sided sports

How I Use This in Programs: Daily to conclude programs in Beginner Foundation

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