Push Up Hold (Bottom Position) – Slow Iso Holds

Movement: Push Up Hold (Bottom Position) – Slow Iso Holds

Range of Motion: Bottom of a push up position (elbows bent); Chest will eventually fall to lower than where the push up handles are located (why we elevate handles); Wrist to elbow is 90 degrees or greater towards head

Equipment: Push up handles (optional, but make it much easier on wrists), something upon which to elevate the push up handles (yoga blocks in video, but chairs/milk crates work)

Rep/Time Methodic: 30 second sets initially, working up to 3-5 minutes

Coaching Cues: Shoulder/hip/ankle parallel to floor; Spine neutral; Stay tall through spine and torso; Hands should fall to below pectoral line; Once position is failing, either correct or stop the hold (then readjust); Pull shoulder blades down to pockets

“Fails”: Shoulder rounding forward; Elbows pinching in dramatically towards midline (keep them over the wrists);

Warnings: Never go to joint pain! If history of previous shoulder injury/current injury, especially pectoral muscle tears, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, numbness/tingling in hands, this movement could initially cause irritation and/or further damage, so great form is a must (pulling down into position, not rolling shoulders forward, not letting elbows flare in, etc.), but there are substitutions that could be done which will eventually allow this to be done with significantly lower risk of injury.

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Rotator cuff/chest/”core” strength endurance

How I Use This in Programs: 2-3x/week for 30 seconds of 6 sets during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation A; 2-3x/week for 2.5 minutes during Beginner Foundation B

Progressions: Can start with knees on floor (rather than feet); Can safely progress to adding weight on back and holding for time, Push Up Altitude Drops, Olympic lifts

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