Rollovers – Daily Spinal Hygiene

Movement: Rollovers

Range of Motion: Seated, touch toes behind us on the floor, then back to touching toes like in a seated hamstring stretch from gym class

Equipment: Soft floor surface or gym mat

Rep/Time Methodic: 10-25 reps, 1-2x/day

Coaching Cues: Do not roll onto neck; Keep legs close to straight; Normal breathing; Use arms as little as possible

Warnings: Never go to joint pain! Proceed with caution if pre-existing/acute injuries to spine/neck; Make sure you are very warmed up if doing these in the morning

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Spinal health and mobility; Lower back pliability/range of motion

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 15 reps during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation B

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