Single Leg Calf Raises – Barefoot Training Moves

Movement: Single Leg Calf Raises

Range of Motion: Bottom of a straight leg calf raise position with ankle/knee/hip in a straight line to the top position (ankle flexing/extending at full range of motion, raising up onto toes)

Equipment: Step or raised surface to allow for heel to drop (flat ground is okay if necessary); Barefoot

Rep/Time Methodic: 50-150 continuous reps, progressed up to from smaller sets

Coaching Cues: Full range of motion from top to bottom of movement; Slight pause at top and bottom (don’t bounce); Ankle/Knee/Hip in straight line; Keep weight off of wall/door/bar on your side and don’t use it to help you raise (only there to stabilize, if necessary);

Warnings: Never go to joint pain!

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Can perform anywhere; Foot/calf/lower leg/glute/hip strength-endurance

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 50 repetitions immediately following 3 minute Standing Single Leg Raise during Beginner Foundation A

Progressions: Can progress to adding weight in hand

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