3-Way Spinal Moves – Dr. Tommy John’s Daily Spinal Hygiene Program

Movement: 3-Way Spinal Moves

Range of Motion: Flexion/Extension, Lateral Bending/Side-to-Side; Rotations

Equipment: Flat ground, barefoot

Rep/Time Methodic: 10-30 each way, up to 15-30 repetitions 2-3x/day, or up to 3-5 minutes of continuous movement to each range of motion

Coaching Cues: Stand with good posture; Pause at end ranges of motion (never “bounce”); Breathe in and out of nose; “Grip” floor with toes; Flexion/Extension – Keep spine neutral. bend at waist, “soft” knees/not completely locked; Lateral flexion – Touch hand to back part of opposite knee; Rotations – Lock hands and fingers together, use opposite butt cheek to help end range of rotation in a controlled push;

Warnings: Never go to joint pain! If musculature in neck is stiff, move slowly and try to progress to greater range of motion with each rep (stopping before feeling any pain)

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Movement prep; Warming up the nervous system; Spinal health; Helps counter effects of daily desk sitting

How I Use This in Programs: Daily, either during Movement Prep or before the conclusion of both Beginner Foundation programs

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