Standing Straight Leg Raise Hold – Slow Iso Holds

Movement: Standing Straight Leg Raise Hold – Slow Iso Holds

Range of Motion: One leg on ground, one leg lifted up as high as possible, each with a straight leg

Equipment: Firm and flat ground, barefoot

Rep/Time Methodic: 3-5 minute continuous hold

Coaching Cues: Both legs: Keep straight from ankle to knee to hip; For ground foot: Keep whole foot on ground, but weight mostly on toes/ball of foot; For lifted leg: Pull toes up towards knee to help keep leg straight, Raise as high as possible (and lower as hip flexors fatigue);

“Fails”: Lifted foot falling to ground; Losing balance; Knees bending; Hips translating or rotating to either side; Body swaying back

Warnings: Never go to joint pain!

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Foot/lower leg/hip strength-endurance; Balance

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 3 minutes during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation A

Progressions: Can progress with 3-Way Hip Circles on alternating days; Can progress safely to more complex movements, Olympic style lifts requiring near perfect stabilization of hip/knee

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