Statue of Liberty’s – Shoulder Prehab

Movement: Squat Hold (Bottom Position) – Slow Iso Holds

Range of Motion: Straight arm, thumb towards body, hand by opposite pocket to arm straight over head, thumb pointed back, palm facing head (like the Statue of Liberty)

Equipment: Flat ground, barefeet

Rep/Time Methodic: 50-300 repetitions, or 3-5 minutes continuously for each arm

Coaching Cues: Keep arm straight at elbow; At top position, shouldn’t be able to see arm in your peripheral vision; Listen to your body if you have a tear, acute injury, etc.; Make sure hand/shoulder rotate and thumb is always pointing back; Use arm (not humping the hips forward) to raise hand; Go at your own speed, but progress to fastest possible without pain; Learn where to stop your arm behind you without over-extending;

Warnings: Never go to joint pain! If history of previous shoulder injury/current injury, especially in the AC joint, this movement could initially cause a lot of irritation and cause further damage, so a very slow movement through full range of motion should be done first, but more straight arm exercises that don’t cause further irritation should be considered before progressing to these.

Benefits: Basic strength foundation; Helps any overhead athlete, especially those whose sport involves external rotation of the shoulder, like overhead throwers

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 30 seconds of 6 sets during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation A

Progressions: Add tubing anchored from the floor, or 1-3 lb. hand weights

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