Walking 3-Way Shoulder Raises – Shoulder Prehab

Movement: Walking 3-Way Shoulder Raises

Range of Motion: Straight Arm Front Raise, Side/Lateral Raise, Back/Rear Raises

Equipment: 1-5 Lb. Dumbbell or Hand Weights.  I prefer improvising with sand filled in tennis ball holders… do more with less 🙂

Rep/Time Methodic: 5-60 Minutes, Continuous Walking

Coaching Cues: Keep arms straight on Front/Side Raises; Palms up, raise elbows up and back for Back Raises; Don’t compensate with body weight to raise weights; Don’t shrug to lift weight (using traps);

Warnings: Never go to joint pain!

Benefits: Shoulder and grip strength endurance; Great for overhead athletes, throwers, baseball pitchers

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 10 minutes during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation B

Anecdotes: Via Dr. Tommy John, I heard the story of his father (lefty pitching great Tommy John, the namesake of a UCL surgery at epidemic levels for baseball pitchers) rehabbing from his famous throwing arm injury. His program was simple – there was no protocol for the surgery at the time, so he simply listened to his body.  His plan?  Never throw past 60 feet, 6 inches (distance from pitcher’s mound to plate), and walk the warning track in the outfield every day during batting practice while doing Walking 3-Way Shoulder Raises for 45-60 minutes with 5 lb. hand weights.

“But wasn’t it an elbow injury?” Sure was, but injuries can and often end somewhere that they didn’t begin (i.e. shoulder dysfunction –> elbow injury).  The body is a system, and it has to be treated as such.  All injuries stem from the body’s inability to absorb force, and an insane amount of strength-endurance (especially in the rotator cuff) is necessary to withstand the forces of throwing 100+ pitches at max effort every 4-5 days… Even more so to recover from such a traumatic injury.

Keep it simple, folks.

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