Spinal Rolls – Dr. Tommy John’s Daily Spinal Hygiene

Movement: Spinal Rolls / Spinal Rolling

Range of Motion: From upright position, flexing/bending each level of the spine forward one-by-one to deepest range of motion, then extending/straightening up each level one-by-one until upright again

Set-Up/Equipment: Standing barefoot on floor surface or gym mat; If can’t stand, sit on low seat with knees spread

Rep/Time Methodic: Start with 10, working up to 25 twice per day

Coaching Cues: Should feel like a “wave” going down and back up your spine/body as you flex/extend; Shoulders can roll forward and back with the “wave”

Warnings: Never go to joint painful range of motion! Proceed with caution if pre-existing/acute injuries to spine/neck

Benefits: Spinal health and mobility; Great for countering effects of desk sitting, daily phone usage/screen time.

How I Use This in Programs: 3x/week for 10 reps during Movement Prep of Beginner Foundation A

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