Standing Straight Leg Raise Hold – Slow Iso Holds

Develops basic strength foundation, foot/lower leg/hip strength-endurance, and tests one-legged balance. Simplest barefoot movement to be performed anywhere without any equipment. Read More

Scapular Pull Up Hold (Passive & Active) – Slow Iso Holds

Grab the bar and don’t let go. Develops basic strength foundation through grip/hand/arm/shoulder strength-endurance while decompressing the spine. Requires something from which to hang. Read More

Cross-Crawl Supermans – Dr. Tommy John’s Daily Spinal Hygiene Program

The one movement that I would do every single day if I was forced to pick only one. Great for cross-crawl patterning and training the posterior chain/muscles along the spine. Helps counter effects of desk sitting/daily phone usage/screen time. Read More

Statue of Liberty’s – Shoulder Prehab

An unweighted overhead shoulder movement developing a beginner foundation. Helps any overhead athlete, especially those whose sport involves external rotation of the shoulder, like overhead throwers. Read More

Skill/Athletic Performance Pyramid

“Moral of the story? Get stronger and skill improves regardless. Don’t train skill without having a base upon which to grow, as strength is the limiting factor in every movement. When your foundation improves, everything above it becomes more solid, and you can dedicate as much time to perfecting your skill as you’d like, in a safe manner.  And if you’re going to sign your kid up for private lessons, make sure he/she can balance on one leg, squat, bend, rotate, and push/pull all while breathing through their nose, or else you’re better off throwing your money into a volcano.” Read More

Training Foundation: Beginner

Designed to be restorative and rehabilitative in nature. Can be performed anywhere with minimal or no equipment. Prepares the entire body to absorb force and creates a strong foundation to make further progressions safely. 50-60 minutes each session, concluded with breath work. Read More