Spinal Rolls – Dr. Tommy John’s Daily Spinal Hygiene

Great for countering effects of desk sitting and daily phone usage/screen time. From an upright position, flexing/bending each level of the spine forward one-by-one to deepest range of motion, then extending/straightening up each level one-by-one until upright again. Read More

Rollovers – Daily Spinal Hygiene

A gymnastics-style movement aiding spinal health and lower back pliability/range of motion. From a seated position (like in a hamstring stretch from gym class), roll to touch toes behind you on the floor, then roll back to touch toes in the seated position. Read More

Statue of Liberty’s – Shoulder Prehab

An unweighted overhead shoulder movement developing a beginner foundation. Helps any overhead athlete, especially those whose sport involves external rotation of the shoulder, like overhead throwers. Read More