What is Principle #6?

“As a science, Chiropractic is founded on a series of human laws and principles that pave the way for a deductive philosophy that is applied to natural health and healing from above-down, inside-out.

Principle #6 (of 33) reads, ‘There is no process that does not require time’.” Read More

Modified Isometrics for Building Strength/Improving Recovery

“isometric training leads to the highest activation level of all modes of exercise (over concentric or eccentric), with ‘activation’ referring to the total motor unit involvement of muscle (95.2% vs. 88-89% for the other phases).” Read More

Overlying Principle of Strength-Rehab/Training

“Principle: ALL injuries are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force (You can stop reading now if you get it. In case you want it broken down further, here we go…) Musculature is the primary force absorbing structure in the body, and failure to absorb force properly could occur if…” Read More