Standing Straight Leg Raise Hold – Slow Iso Holds

Develops basic strength foundation, foot/lower leg/hip strength-endurance, and tests one-legged balance. Simplest barefoot movement to be performed anywhere without any equipment. Read More

Scapular Pull Up Hold (Passive & Active) – Slow Iso Holds

Grab the bar and don’t let go. Develops basic strength foundation through grip/hand/arm/shoulder strength-endurance while decompressing the spine. Requires something from which to hang. Read More

Lunge Hold – Slow Iso Holds

A very slow barefoot movement that you are able to self-coach and can be performed anywhere. Necessary for building a huge foundation to add upon. Foot, lower leg, quad/hamstring, glute, and hip strength-endurance are developed while increasing active hip mobility/end range-of-motion strength. Read More

Modified Isometrics for Building Strength/Improving Recovery

“isometric training leads to the highest activation level of all modes of exercise (over concentric or eccentric), with ‘activation’ referring to the total motor unit involvement of muscle (95.2% vs. 88-89% for the other phases).” Read More