3-Way Hip Circles – Foot/Hip/Glute Strength

Develops basic strength foundation, foot/lower leg/hip strength-endurance, tests one-legged balance, and builds hip mobility in multiple ranges of motion. A high-repetition barefoot movement to be performed anywhere without any equipment. Read More

Pistol Squat Slow Negatives – One-Leg Squat Progressions

The lowering/eccentric portion of an advanced body-weight movement. Builds the ability to squat, go from sitting/standing safely, and musculature to support ankle, hip, and knee joints. Read More

Rollovers – Daily Spinal Hygiene

A gymnastics-style movement aiding spinal health and lower back pliability/range of motion. From a seated position (like in a hamstring stretch from gym class), roll to touch toes behind you on the floor, then roll back to touch toes in the seated position. Read More

3-Way Spinal Moves – Dr. Tommy John’s Daily Spinal Hygiene Program

A simple daily spinal health program performed at any point of the day, multiple times per day. Builds a basic strength and movement foundation, warms up the nervous system, and counters effects of daily desk sitting. Can be performed anywhere with no equipment. Read More

Cross-Crawl Supermans – Dr. Tommy John’s Daily Spinal Hygiene Program

The one movement that I would do every single day if I was forced to pick only one. Great for cross-crawl patterning and training the posterior chain/muscles along the spine. Helps counter effects of desk sitting/daily phone usage/screen time. Read More

Single Leg Calf Raises – Barefoot Training Moves

Basic foot/lower leg/calf/glute/hip strength foundation, can be performed barefoot anywhere with no equipment (besides something to elevate your foot upon). Read More