Walking 3-Way Shoulder Raises – Shoulder Prehab

“Via Dr. Tommy John, I heard the story of his father (lefty pitching great Tommy John, the namesake of a UCL surgery at epidemic levels for baseball pitchers) rehabbing from his famous throwing arm injury. His program was simple – there was no protocol for the surgery at the time, so he simply listened to his body.  His plan?  …Walk the warning track in the outfield every day during batting practice while doing Walking 3-Way Shoulder Raises for 45-60 minutes with 5 lb. hand weights.” Read More

Calf Jumps – Barefoot Training & Movement Prep

Barefoot movement performed daily to prepare the system and feet for greater volume. Warms up nervous system and helps circulate to blood back to the heart from lower leg while building strength-endurance. Read More

Skill/Athletic Performance Pyramid

“Moral of the story? Get stronger and skill improves regardless. Don’t train skill without having a base upon which to grow, as strength is the limiting factor in every movement. When your foundation improves, everything above it becomes more solid, and you can dedicate as much time to perfecting your skill as you’d like, in a safe manner.  And if you’re going to sign your kid up for private lessons, make sure he/she can balance on one leg, squat, bend, rotate, and push/pull all while breathing through their nose, or else you’re better off throwing your money into a volcano.” Read More

Training Foundation: Beginner

Designed to be restorative and rehabilitative in nature. Can be performed anywhere with minimal or no equipment. Prepares the entire body to absorb force and creates a strong foundation to make further progressions safely. 50-60 minutes each session, concluded with breath work. Read More

Training Foundation: Intermediate

A progression from the Beginner Program, which includes Olympic Style lifts. Designed to be restorative and rehabilitative in nature. Can be performed anywhere with minimal. Prepares the entire body to absorb force and adds more dynamic movements and high-weight/low-volume strength work to an already growing strong foundation. Read More

Modified Isometrics for Building Strength/Improving Recovery

“isometric training leads to the highest activation level of all modes of exercise (over concentric or eccentric), with ‘activation’ referring to the total motor unit involvement of muscle (95.2% vs. 88-89% for the other phases).” Read More