Here’s my idea:

To share the plan that has helped me take back control of my own health through Chiropractic care, movement, and a natural approach to health.

From an early age, I loved movement, either through sports or physical challenges from friends on the playground. “Hey, I’ll race you to that tree” or “I bet I can get across the monkey bars faster”. You know, kid stuff.

Through the years, the more playful nature narrowed to year-round team sports, then eventually down to just one sport by the end of high school in pursuit of the college scholarship and eventually a pro contract. The result? Burnout, disconnection from myself, injury, fatigue, and, worst of all, a spiritual and mental health fallout.

Unfortunately, this is a common story – a former athlete that still has an entire career of being a human being ahead of them, but a body and mind fighting back against them.

What eluded me when I was younger was finding a balance – more than just moving my body in different ways from an athletic standpoint, but finding a system of beliefs that allowed me to stay healthy physically, to learn and grow, to explore new ideas and think, to have a social balance, to de-stress and take it easy on myself, and to connect back to myself and others through service.

In the spring of 2013, I was lucky enough to begin a process that has lead me to find a balance in all of those things – through a natural approach to health that is rooted in principles, healthy movement, and regular Chiropractic care.

Some of those things, I’ll share here via blog posts or through plans that you can follow along with (i.e. Movement Plans and Book Club). If you live in the Bay Area (where I’m currently in Chiropractic school), I’d love to connect in person. If you aren’t anywhere near me (more likely), well… that’s what this is for.

Everything here has can be simply replicated anywhere with minimal resources, has been repurposed from smarter individuals than myself, and is appropriate and modifiable for all ages. Have some fun with it.

And never forget… you’re money, baby.


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